TEDxYouth@Lancaster Volunteer Information



If you are student (grades 6-12) or an adult interested in the following, the TEDxYouth@Lancaster planning team is for you!

  • Representing your school, community or industry in a positive way
  • Supporting youth in our community who have ideas worth spreading
  • Connecting with people who are motivated, driven, passionate, and committed to creating something special for our community
  • Working with a team to hone real world skills that include marketing, budgeting, building partnerships, and effective communication
  • Putting into practice authentic 21st century skills such as critical thinking; creative problem solving through collaboration; and effective interaction with community partners, that will enhance your ability to succeed in whatever path you choose
  • Completing volunteer hours for school in a way that can build your skills for the future
  • Being an important part of a TEDx experience that is new and exciting!

Feel free to share the link to this page to those in your world who you feel would make a positive contribution to the team. We are looking for a variety of backgrounds, passions, and experience! TEDxYouth@Lancaster needs you!  We hope you’ll join us and invite others (adults and students) to do the same!



We are looking for passionate volunteers for 5 categories

Curation: This involves the entire process of finding and developing speakers for the event.  It includes developing the speaker application, creating the process by which applicants will be chosen, editing the scripts of the chosen speakers, and coaching the chosen speakers.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with Curation, please contact the heads of this committee.
Elizabeth Raff: elizabeth.raff@pennmanor.net
Dave Beard: david_beard@solanco.k12.pa.us


Marketing: This involves promoting the event.  It includes promoting when the speaker application process begins, when tickets are on sale, and the event itself.  Marketing will be done through social media, newspaper, TV, and other media outlets.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with Marketing, please contact the heads of this committee.
Gabby Martino: gmartino635@gmail.com
Sarah Stuckey: sestucke@gmail.com


Partnerships:  This involves procuring partners for our event.  Partners help underwrite the event and offset costs.  In turn, our partners will gain valuable exposure and be associated with a very high end event like TEDxYouth@Lancaster while helping students and our community.  Our in-kind partners donate their goods and/or services to help make our event a distinctive experience.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with Partnerships, please contact the heads of this committee.
Alexandria DeCiccio: alexandria_decicco@solanco.k12.pa.us
Sam Schindler: schindlers@tbalancaster.com


Event Experience:  This involves the experience of the attendees aside from the talks.  It includes the Welcome Session, the printed program, snacks, decorations, the stage, and anything else that would enhance the experience.  While the talks are at the center of any TEDx event, the Event Experience can make or break an attendee's overall experience.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with Partnerships, please contact the heads of this committee.
Jackee Olson: jackeeolson@yahoo.com
Sarah Stuckey: sestucke@gmail.com
Wolfgang Charlton: cwolfgang@outlook.com

Executive Committee:  This involves coordinating the 4 groups above and ensuring a successful and seamless event.  The leaders of the 4 groups will meet with the Executive Committee for status reports.  It is the responsibility of Executive Committee members to make sure the 4 groups are on task and meeting deadlines.  They are also responsible for the overall planning of the event.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with Partnerships, please contact the heads of this committee.
Bob Vasile: TEDxLancaster@gmail.com
Janice Estabrook: Janice_Estabrook@iu13.org


Have a question about TEDxYouth@Lancaster?  Email Bob Vasile (TEDxLancaster Executive Director) at TEDxLancaster@gmail.com, or Janice Estabrook, Coordinator of Gifted and Enrichment Services at IU13, at Janice_Estabrook@iu13.org.