View videos of the talks from our amazing speakers here.  TED sends a survey to all TEDx attendees to gauge their feedback of the event.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, 86% of the respondents rated TEDxLancaster 2016 a 9 or a 10!  That's high praise for our speakers!  Read some of the comments from our attendees here.  See why TEDxLancaster 2016 was so magical.  View the videos and get ready to be inspired!


TEDxLancaster would like to thank you for attending our 3rd annual event.  We'd like to thank our speakers for telling us all about their ideas worth spreading.  Thanks also to our partners, volunteers, and organizing committee members.  TEDxLancaster 2016 was one for the ages.  See the article from LNP Lancaster Online here.  Our event on September 10, 2016 sparked connections in many ways.  Attendees connected with the speakers and their ideas.  They also connected with each other.  When like-minded people get together, especially in an inspirational atmosphere like a TEDx event, magic happens.  We encourage you to keep those connections going long after they were first made.  You are all a part of the TEDxLancaster family.  Thank you for attending and being a part of a VERY special day.

TEDxLancaster 2016 Speakers

Front row: Alicia Nordstrom, Rubi Nicholas, Beth Valentin, Nga Chau, Grace Buckwalter, Amanda Brown, Haushala Thapa, Lindsey Gruber (Organizing Committee member), Meredith Jorgensen Cooke (Emcee).

Back row: Bob Vasile (TEDxLancaster Executive Director), Aaron Miller, Arfan Qureshi, Michael Parker, Chris Barnabei, Kyle Kuehn, Madap Sharma, Susan Schaffer (Organizing Committee member).

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